The New Ecolonomic Life Blog

I feel it is time to give new life and meaning to this blog. I have been blogging for several months now, but, as many might have noticed, there was no clear or concise form to the blogs. They jumped from topic to topic and you as a reader may not have really understood what the whole theme of the blog was about.

I am here today to explain this blog and give you some insight into the future. To be completely honest I wasn’t very sure where the topics were going each day. I wanted to write about ecolonomic issues and ideas, but I never narrowed it down from there. I had helpful and informative blogs on ways to go green. I had news blogs and I had just miscellaneous blogs. Over time however I have discovered what I want the focus of this blog to be. I want to help the everyday people in the world become sustainable.

Each post I intend to bear light on ways for the average individual to help the environment and help their wallet. That is what the word ecolonomics, fist coined by the late actor Dennis Weaver, is all about. It is a word bringing together the terms ecology and economics. We need to have those two entities living harmoniously together in order to truly live sustainably.

So, as this blog moves forward, I will help all of my readers and those who just stumble across my posts to become ecolonomic. As the recipient of my blogs, what is it that you want help in becoming more ecolonomic?

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