Myth Busters from Dr. D

You have all seen the show on Discovery Channel called Myth Busters, right? They pick topics like – can Jaws really bite through a boat, or can you put high explosives inside a cement truck mixer and clean it out. Then they use made for TV experimentation to either prove or invalidate the “myth”.

To some extent, in a much more programmatic manner, that is what we are doing on a daily basis in our research program at IOE. So what are the myths we have busted? Specifically in the infant technology of aquaponics, where we have been conducting a substantial amount of research over the last three years, we have at least raised some questions about a variety of myths. I know that as you read some of these you are gig to gasp, or maybe say –
heresy!! But anyway, here goes:

– trout will not survive in aquaculture systems when temperatures consistently stay above 25 C.
– multi-species fish culture in the same system is not practical.
– limited spectrum fluorescent lighting will not work efficiently with indoor edible plant production.
– water quality in aquaculture systems cannot be effectively managed by simple bio-mimicry methodology.

Well, how do you like us now? How can we call ourselves scientists? Hold on, let us defend ourselves. In the next period of time we will provide very detailed and scientifically validated data regarding the above conclusions. You just need to keep coming back to these posts and see how we save or reputations. We hope you will give us this chance. You will be glad you did. Till next time, just remember, you cannot call yourself a fish farmer until you have killed a million fish.

Joel Salatin Speaks in Fort Collins

Well, it is way to early in the morning, and I have already been awake for over two hours.  I just woke up from a sound sleep and could not go back to sleep.  Why you might ask?  Well, I had been dreaming about space travel, and as I suddenly woke up, I was immediately thinking about the incredible seminar I had attended last night in Fort Collins.  Joel Salatin, notorieous for his recent appearances in the movies Fresh and Food Inc.  was hosted by the Front Range Permaculture Institute at the Lincoln Center.  What a great experience.  This man has got it right!!!  He is the true ecolonomics expert of today. 

Here are just a few quotes from him that I think are cool:

  • I am a Christian, Liberitarian, Environmentalist, Capitalist, lunatic.
  • The industrial food system is cracking.
  • May your pork be rose colored and your rain barrels be full.
  • The measure of an open and free society is how it treats its non-conformists.
  • Innovation has to be birthed at a prototype size.

This guy is as Randy Jackson would say – The Bomb.

You should google him – Joel Salatin – and check out many of the things he has done and that he promotes.  You will not be disappointed.

Well I am Going to Try this Again!!

I am clearly very bad at using this cool tool.  I just spent over an hour composing a really neat post and then I went to publish it and spam, bam, thank you mam it was gone.  Vanished.  Off into space.  I editted it, I draft saved it about four times, I asked the web person for help several times, I previewed it , I editted it and then – poof it was gone.

Have you ever had this experience.  I know I am not alone.  Well sometimes that is also the case with things we do to be ecolonomic.  We try hard, we get help, we do all the right things and then poof what we do seems to be gone.  Well we have to get up off the carpet and try again.  That is what I am doing now – trying again.  I am bound and determined to work to make the planet better.  I will do it.  I will.  You can too!! Lets work together, and try and fail, and then do it again.  Talk with you later.  I need to go now and think about what I can do next to make the planet better.

IOE Meadow Hollow Greenhouse during our Fall Sustainability Event.  Those tomatoes tasted great!!

IOE Meadow Hollow Greenhouse during our Fall Sustainability Event. Those tomatoes tasted great!!

Simple Ways to go Green

US driving habits contribute to the carbon footpint

US driving habits contribute to the carbon footpint

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of reducing your carbon foot print, but the task can be daunting and if not undertaken correctly, overwhelming. I want to list some simple things that you can do to reduce that foot print, not break the budget (and even expand it), and relieve levels of stress.

First, let’s talk energy. You don’t need to run out and buy solar panels or wind turbines in order to save energy. There are many simple things that will help reduce the amount of energy that you use. Turn off the lights. It may seem too simple, but it helps. If you aren’t using the light or if you leave the room, flip the switch. If you aren’t pumping electricity to your house then the power plant supplying your electricity isn’t burning as much fossil fuels. Replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They are a little more money, but they last longer and don’t use as much energy. Work with the least amount of light that you need. When you are on a laptop make sure you have it on the energy saving. This will reduce the amount of electricity it uses and will save the battery for longer use. Lastly, replace old appliances with ones that have an energy star rating. This is a little more costly, but you find a significant change in your utilities bills. (more…)