Wow!! We are trying a new fundraising Idea!!

Lets see if it works.  I will be adding some magic code below this shakesphearean (I know that is not a word) prose.  If it works you will be able to shop from our site and when you do you will get great buys and we will make a little coin.  So here goes!! 


Just kidding! Well it did not seem to work.  We will keep at it and you will see the results when we do. 

Dog Training at our Loveland Campus

Yesterday was our first official day of IOE managed dog training at the Loveland Rocky Mountain Prairie Campus (RMPC).  Joe Brakke and agroup of his friends kicked off our open grounds training program in style.  It was a beautiful 60 degree day with sun and a little breeze.  Joe has attended our Wenter fun Trial series, and he will be training at the RMPC regularly. 

You can check on our home page a find out about our dog training program.  We are comitted to preserving the heritage of the RMPC and creating a unique venue for ecolonomic dog training here in Northern Colorado.  You can pick one of three sessions on four different days of the week, and share a special time with your dog and human friends alike.  We hope to see you this spring  – at the RMPC.

Our Beautiful Meadow Hollow Ranch IOE Campus


The valleyr

I thought I would post a few pictures of our beautiful campus in Northern Colorado where we are conducting Aquaponic research, raising alpacas, doing composting, revitalizing a stream and pond ecosystems, enjoying a unique pasture golf course, green quarrying natural stone for local construction, creating a small eco-friendly community, training dogs, mountain biking, hiking, and much more…

You need to come visit us, and even better we have two incredible lots available for sale, of which a portion of the sales price will be donated to IOE for use to preserve the planet.  Check out the pictures.



What's In Your Genes?

Hi, I’m Scott Fardulis, the newly elected Chairman to the Institute of Ecolonomics.  I’d love to get to know as many of you as possible and the best way I know how to make that happen is to initiate a little conversation with you.  So here we go.

I’m sitting in my home study enjoying some personal quiet time.  The house is quiet, my kids are fast asleep, and my thoughts are pulled toward my grandmother.  She is currently 92 years old and my wife and I have had the unique privilege of caring for her in our home. 

Unfortunately, her health has been rapidly declining and she’s been in a lot of pain.  Part of this is due to her osteoarthritis and the general breakdown that occurs with old age.  So, I wonder… what will old age look like for me?  What negative health aspects can I avoid?  How much control do I really have anyway?  What is in my genes and can I take any prevention for risks which I may be predisposed?  Futhermore, why have some many diseases been born over the past couple of generations? 

It can be argued that most people don’t die of “old age,” rather, they will die of mineral deficiencies which lead to health challenges in general.  If this is a relatively accurate thought, would it not be important from an ecology standpoint to consider richness of our soil?  It has been said, “we are what we eat.”  There must be a tremendous amount of truth, considering we are one of the most overweight countries/societies in the world.  It is fairly well known that our soil deficiency is a wide spread concern.  With our continual crop turnover and the vast array of chemical compounds being used to ward off destructive insects and various plant diseases, the collateral damage over generations is beginning to be revealed.

Ok, enough deep thought for one sharing session.  I’d love to hear your response to this and any thoughts you may have regarding ecolonomic subjects.

Be of courage and resolve,



Some IOE Related Pictures

Alpacas and llamas - wool of the futureIOE GreenhouseOur Meadow Hollow Greenhouse and Aquaponics systems

Another Red Hot Northern Colorado Day

Well we set a record.  Over 20 days where the high temperature is over 90 degrees.  Global warming, or just hot, I am not sure.  But it is worth thinking about, and that is one of the goals of IOE.  We want people to be thinking about ecology, the environment and the economics of our lives. 

It hit me again yesterday when I was in the grocery store.  I had again forgotten to bring my cloth shopping bag.  I feel so guilty when I take a plastic bag from the store.  Do you know how much landfill space those plastic bags take?  It is huge.  But, how do I change my habits enough to always remember to have a cloth bag?  There are even times when I have one in my car, but I forget to bring it inside and am then too lazy to go out and get it.  I have to change my attitude and make it an absolut must to have the bags and if they are in the car to go out and get them. 

Am I the only one who is lazy like this?  I do not think so.  What are any of your thoughts about this dilemma.  How can I get better?  Well I have to get to some work, but I am loving thinking ecolonomically.  See that is a word.  Get it fixed in your mind ECOLONOMICS.


Welcome to the Ecolonomic Blog

Well,  I am officially now a blogger.  I hope you get some value, knowledge or entertainment from what we will write in our blog from this time forward. 

Let me introduce myself, I’m Wayne Dorband, and I am excited to be newly elected to the Board of Directors of the Institute of Ecolonomics.  It is an honor and a big responsibility.  We have huge shoes to fill to try to fulfill the dream that Dennis Weaver conceived almost 15 years ago when he formed IOE.  I beleive that Dennis was a man with a passion and a belief system that was just a little before his time, and it is too bad that he passed away before the timing was right for IOE to greatly blossom and grow.

Well, that time is now!!.  The world is ready to embrace Ecolonomics.  The word will become as common in peoples vocabulary as “green” or eco-friendly or sustainable.  It really more rightly describes what we should be considering as we try to change our world to become more balanced, long-lived and enjoyable. 

As time goes by you are going to see (and hopefully be a part of) IOE become a world leader in promoting technologies that will revolutionize aspects of sustainable life.  We will become effective educators for youth to adults about products and services that have Ecolonomic value, and we will be supportive of causes that are truly necessary for the healthy future of our planet and our place as residents of it.

So, please, take this journey with me.  Join the Institute!!  Volunteer your time and passion to help us with this vital mission.  It will be fun.  It will be challenging, and most of all it will be meaningful.  Until we talk again, best wishes and God be with you.