Join us every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM Mountain Time (6:00 Pacific and 9:00 Eastern) for fun and informative presentations and interviews with speakers from around the world talking about everything Ecolonomic.  This webinar format will be combination of audio, video and interactive discussions among speakers, hosts and attendees.  You can attend by phone or by using your computer.  How cool, get some great information while you lounge at home or while driving down the road!!


Our first ECOLONOMICS IN ACTION Webinar will be Tuesday Evening February 23 at 7:00 and will feature the Institute’s CEO and Chairman, Mr. Scott Fardulis, who will be dialoging with our hosts and the audience about the Institute.  He will descuss some history (1993 till today), our mission, our current projects and our future.  You will not want to miss this.  Click on the link that follows to be able to register for the Webinar so that you can attend. The registration process is easy and fast.


On March 2, our ECOLONOMICS IN ACTION Webinar (at 7:00 PM Mountain Time) will feature Dr. Wayne Dorband, CEO of Mountain Sky Group, who will talk about Sustainable Agriculture and the Institute of Ecolonomics role in this area.  Dr. Dorband has a 35 year history of working in the environmental industry as an entrepenuer and leader.  Click on the link that follows to be able to register for the March 2 Webinar so you can attend.  Tell your friends.  These Webinars are FREE!! and they will be great!!

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