I Have Been Such a Derelict

I am so, so sorry.  I have not been updating this blog as I so know that I should.  Here I am a guy that talks about being so aware and excited about social marketing and I am violating the number one rule of social marketing which is to continually provide your “community/tribe” with fresh and new information that is of some value. I have just not been doing that.  I could make every excuse in the world, but they are like armpits – I have two of them and they both stink!!

So I need to start a new era and dedicate myself and our team to a new beginning of being diligent about updating you all with our activities, thoughts, concepts, ideas and anything else that can help you and us be more ecolonomic.  Let me ask you a favor.  I need your help.  If you encourage me through your comments about ideas you have to help us be more accountable in our blogging and information provision I know it will help us.  Write your comments to this article about ways we can improve our accountability towards more consistent blogging and article posting.

We would also enjoy articles that you might be writing.  Don’t be shy.  You all have stories to tell and we have an audience.  We would love to let our community know about ideas and thought that you have to help make the planet better and to make a little money doing it – ECOLONOMICS.  So you write to me please, and I will pledge that I/we will become more accountable and write to you.  Cheers.

Wayne – DrEcolonomics

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