Energy on the Rise

People use tons of energy each day. It’s scary to think about. The amount of fossil fuels we burn amounts to more than just the emissions of our vehicles. Whenever you flip a switch, turn on a television, or use a computer, you are using electricity and where does electricity come from? Well, most of us know that our electricity comes from an electrical plant. Most of those plants burn fossil fuels which release more extreme emissions than vehicles. How can this be fixed? The answer is alternatives.

It can’t be emphasized enough that going green is the newest trend. One of the biggest fads for this trend is energy. The concept is using plentiful and eco-friendly ways to generate energy. Two ways that I see as being successful are solar panels and wind turbines.

Solar panels use the sun’s rays to generate energy. The most brilliant aspect of this technology is that it is using a resource that will never fail (at least when it does we have bigger things to worry about than our solar panels no longer working) and cannot be owned or contained by any one nation. Although countries might try, I don’t see how anyone can break out into war over the ownership of the sun. Solar panels can be used by individuals as well as power plants. The idea of solar power plants has already been implemented in places like Brazil as well as cloudy Germany. The fact that there is a fully functioning solar power plant in a part of Germany where the sun is an infrequent visitor denotes the myth that solar panels only work in sunny places. Though you get the full power of the panel on completely sunny days, you can still get half the power on cloudy days because the sun’s rays break through the clouds.

Wind turbines are also a great way to create energy. This is not a new concept, just look at wind mills, but it is being used in significantly different ways. Windmills were used once for grinding grain and pumping water. They made life simpler for people. Now, that same technology has been reinvented to produce electricity. Though solar panels can be used more effectively almost anywhere, wind turbines would be perfect for anyplace with lots of wind. Wyoming is one perfect example.

Just think about it. You could save hundreds of dollars on your electricity each month. You could spend no money on electricity each month. You could sit outside and watch your electric meter run backwards! Now, wouldn’t that be an exciting event? It’s your decision. You may have to put a pit of money down for your energy alternatives, but you will be making one grand investment in the end.

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