Recycle Everything

When we hear the word recycle the first thing that pops into most heads are those bins we put out on the curb full of bottles, paper, and glass. It’s refreshing to see those bins. It’s always good to know that there are people out there who care enough to recycle, but that is just a fraction of what we use and throw out.

I don’t have a solution to ever piece of junk that you may want to throw out, but let me give you some tips on some things that aren’t your typical everyday pieces of junk.

Furniture is always getting old, being broken, or getting ruined, but instead of throwing it to the curb why not do something else? Figure out ways to reuse a piece of furniture. It may take some time and a little handy work, but it will save you money in the long run. If your wood furniture starts getting warn down and dinged up, try sanding it down and staining over it. This will give you a piece that looks completely new, but is still years old. If anything is broken, try to fix it up. Figure out a new place that you could use a piece of furniture. Maybe you need a larger dining hutch to store your china. Take that old one, paint it, and use it in the bathroom or bedroom for storage.

What about shopping for furniture? Try garage sailing for the pieces that you want. If it’s a dining room set, maybe mix and match chairs that aren’t the same style and stain them all to match. As long as they have the same color they will look like they belong together. Doors can make a great desk or craft top, just find some short shelves to place at either end of the door and voila, a table. Though you may not be recycling your old furniture, this is a great way to recycle someone else’s. It takes some time and effort, but you will save some money and save some big pieces from ending up in the landfill.

I just covered furniture, but you can do so much with the items you think are just junk. Please, share the things that you’ve done to reuse anything in your house. From big to small, we want to know how to save the earth and save a buck.

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