Rain, Rain (Don't) Go Away

I’m sitting here, inside, listening to the rain fall. I can hear it distinctly on the roof. It’s a soothing sound. Rather pleasant to just close your eyes and listen. It never really rains here in Colorado. We have had a very wet late spring and early summer. It has rained every afternoon for the last few weeks. I can’t complain really. We need the moisture, but I feel like something can be done with all this water.

A great idea is to have a rain water collection system that can be used to water plants and can even be used in toilettes. This is a great way to conserve water and money. You can easily make your own collection system, or you can buy one. Both of these methods can be found online by doing a simple Google or Yahoo search. I believe that it’s a great idea for water plants, but you must not drink or consume this water in any way. There can be some toxic run off, either from roofs or any other surface that uses chemicals to create it (so quite a few). Now, this is not bad for your plants, because they were getting soaked by the same water anyways.

One disappointing thing is that in some states/counties it is illegal to collect and hold water for re-use. Here in Colorado is just one of those places. It really is a shame. I would think that they would support it here. We have a very dry climate and drought is inevitable usually. It would seem that collecting rain water and using it for gardening and lawn up keep would be perfectly acceptable. Not only accepted, but encouraged. It’s a shame that we could get in trouble for trying to save the planet. I guess that is the government’s price it will pay to keep its people healthy, but how healthy will we be if we have no planet to live off of?

I will look into this law issue more. There may be several laws that are prohibiting the public from doing ecolonomic things. My next post will cover not only this rain water collection law but others like it. Stay tuned for that, but for now, tell me your thoughts on rain water collection and other useful things you can do with rain.

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