E-Books Revisited

Some time ago I wrote a post about the pros and cons of e-books. Regardless of those debates e-books are growing to be a very popular form of literature. I even have begun to think that e-books are a wondrous invention (and I love the old fashion form of books).

Research was the thought in my mind. I have discovered that you are able to highlight and search when using a Kindle. This is a great feature that can be used for many different industries. Kindles could become a student’s best friend if it can bring text book prices down and make research and notes easier.

These reasons have made Kindle look very handsome. E-books seem quite eco-friendly, but some recent events have made my feelings toward them a little unsettled. Just in the last week a publisher decided that they no longer wanted certain books to be an e-book. Everyone who had bought this book through Amazon had the book taken from them. They were reimbursed, but they no longer had the book. That is a very disturbing fact. When I buy something, I expect to be able to keep it. I may want to return it due to malfunctions, but I don’t expect the cashier to show up at my house and just take what I bought, leaving a stack of bills in return.

I don’t want to always be thinking about how I may not have my books in the morning. I also don’t like to think about the fact that I can’t share my books in anyway. What happens when I no longer want a book? I can’t donate it, I can’t get store credit at a used bookstore, and I can’t even give it to a library. No, all I will be able to do is delete it. That just seems like a waste of money.

I think the industry of e-books needs to become a bit more stable before they can be completely trusted. I also feel they should create a way in which e-books can be shared much like a library system. This way you wouldn’t have to buy every single book that you want if you are only planning on reading it once. This would be much more beneficial. What are your thoughts on these issues with e-books?

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