China and US to Join Forces

China has the largest population in the world and possibly one of the highest pollution rates in the world. Last Thursday, China and the United States made a stride to reduce their rates of impact on the climate. I have already explained the new Energy Bill in previous posts and it seems that China wants to go green as well.

The United States and China are going to collaborate together in making better green technologies. Their focus will primarily be the building sector. Both countries goals are to have eighty percent more efficient buildings. China builds more structures than most other countries in the world. I believe that if they take greater measures to produce greener technology they will greatly affect the climate and also the activity of other societies.

The plan for the two countries is to build a joint center for the engineering minds of the US and China to come and create the best green technologies. Their emphasis will be in building technologies, but they will also put some focus on transportation and other technologies.

This could be one of the greatest collaboration of all time. China is known for its intellects, but to combine that with the power and motivation of the United States, it will truly be remarkable. If China starts building green and becoming more efficient the entire world will see a great change. There is no hiding the fact that many consumer products come from China. More efficient buildings means greener products, which means the globe is going to experience consumer goods that were produced in eco-friendly ways. This could be the biggest step for demonstrating to other industrialized nations (like India, one of the largest populated countries as well as a mass consumer and producer) to go green. I believe this will be a grand collaboration. What are your thoughts?


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