Get A Job

One of the most difficult things to do in today’s economy is find a job. People are being laid off left and right because companies need to downsize their businesses. What is a person to do? My answer – go green! It’s no denying that global warming is having an impact on the environment, but it’s also having an impact on industries. The biggest trend of today is going green. There are some people out there who will spend an arm and a leg just to make their life as eco-friendly as possible. Now, strides are being taken to make the green industry one that is attainable by the middle class as well.

With all this progress in the environmental industry, it is no wonder that some of the top jobs out there are green collar jobs. I recently came across an article that described the top ten green jobs of 2009. Though the article was published in January, I think it is extremely relevant right now, especially for those college graduates who are getting ready for their careers, as well as high school graduates who are searching for their dream job or a way to make a good buck.

1.    Farmers are needed in today’s market because the uses of machines are being reduced due to carbon emissions. More people will be needed to maintain the industry.
2.    Foresters are sometimes given a bad rap because all we think are they cut down trees, but their main job is to conserve the forests.
3.    With energy costs on the rise, new, innovative technologies are needed to make energy. The solar power industry is one that is about to take flight and will need many people onboard.
4.    Along with solar power, wind power is also going to take off and is another industry that will need the utilization of many workers.
5.    Energy efficiency builders are key roles in the global eco-renovation taking place. There are more than just builders though; there are also designers, contractors, laborers, and everything else you can imagine that goes into building.
6.    One huge career that has been made very demanding these days due to global warming is conservation biologists. These scientists are extremely important to preserving precious ecosystems.
7.    Green MBA and entrepreneurs are a crucial part to the green collar jobs. Where would any business be without financial advisors and business executives to market and build a company?
8.    Recycling is going strong and the industry needs more people to help. New laws are being formed that could make this market boom, requiring more people to help it grow.
9.    We won’t be able to get anywhere without designers and engineers who can give us the ideas and tools needed for sustainability.
10.    Finally, urban planners are a key to reducing the carbon footprint people are making.

These are just ten of many jobs in the green industry. Figure out what is right for you and go make a difference for the environment. For more information about these top ten follow this link